STCube Publishes in the July Issue of The Journal Of Thoracic Oncology

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Merits of its proprietary technology on screening of novel therapeutic agents with potential for showing excellent efficacy profiles when combined with radiation therapy recognized.

Company draws recognition for its technological expertise through internationally through presentation in international conferences, publications, and patent applications.


STCube Inc. reported that a research article authored by the company on HCSA, a part of the company’s technologies on novel drug development, was published on the July issue of The Journal Of Thoracic Oncology.


The Journal Of Thoracic Oncology is an official academic journal of The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. This authoritative and selective international journal publishes articles on chest tumor, particularly lung cancer, submitted from various parts of the world.


Last year, STCube submitted its paper on HCSA technology jointly with MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC). HCSA is a screening method that can identify potential drug candidates by measuring the extent of synergistic effects of the combination of radiation therapy and various candidate agents. The Journal Of Thoracic Oncology has approved the publication of this paper in recognition of its originality and scientific validity. Due to the delay in the edit procedures, the publication of this article, which had been originally scheduled for April, was pushed back to July.


The HCSA technology was first presented early in April, when STCube, together with MDACC, attended American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference and made a presentation. In addition, provisional patent applications were made last month regarding this anticancer immunitherapeutic target screening method.  Immunotherapy is drawing wide attention in the field and particularly from multinational pharmaceutical companies as the next-generation anticancer treatment. Indeed, STCube is drawing recognition as a bio company with competitive technological edge in overseas anticancer agent markets.


One official of STCube stated: "It is our goal to be recognized in overseas markets. Based on our original and creative proprietary technologies, we strive to develop and provide advantageous novel drugs for cancer therapy." <End>

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